Pathways to University

If your goal is to achieve a bachelor degree in your chosen field of study, TAFE SA offers two different types of pathway to university - a University Packaged Program or Credit Transfer. A University Packaged Program allows you to select the course and the university you wish to study at, before commencing your studies at TAFE SA.  Credit transfer gives you the opportunity to select your university course, on completion of your TAFE SA studies.

University Packaged Programs

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University Packaged Programs 

University Packaged Programs

TAFE SA offers more than 50 Packaged University Programs with two of Adelaide’s premier universities:


By applying for a University Packaged Program, students receive a joint offer from TAFE SA and the university concerned and, most importantly, can apply for a single visa for the duration of their TAFE SA and university studies.

Why study a University Packaged Program?

  • Get work experience
    Many TAFE SA programs include work placements, that give you valuable industry experience and
    make you more employable.

  • Part-time jobs
    Work placements undertaken as a part of TAFE SA studies can lead to part-time job opportunities, in your field of study.

  • Pay less in tuition fees
    TAFE SA prides itself in having more affordable tuition fees than many of our competitors.

  • Trust and quality
    We are a trusted government organisation with some of the most impressive training facilities in South Australia.

  • Two qualifications
    Graduate with two internationally recognised qualifications in the time it takes most students to
    achieve one.

Credit Transfer to University

Credit transfer means that your TAFE SA studies are recognised as being equivalent in content and level to parts of other education programs, including university degrees. 

Generally, the following credit amounts apply to TAFE SA award courses:

Diploma                     up to one year credit

Advanced Diploma     up to a year and a half credit

Associate Degree        up to two years credit

Courses at Certificate IV level or higher can be used to apply for entry into most university programs and some even guarantee admission.

Successful completion of a TAFE SA certificate IV, diploma, advanced diploma or associate degree can provide you with credit to enter one of the following seven Australian universities:

  • Charles Darwin University
  • Charles Sturt University
  • Deakin University
  • University of Southern Queensland
  • Flinders University
  • The University of Adelaide
  • University of South Australia

Credit will normally only be granted after you have been offered a university place. To claim credit, you will be expected to formally apply through the international office at the relevant university and will be required to provide evidence of successful completion of your TAFE South Australia course.

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Advantages of Credit Transfer to University

  • Credit from a TAFE SA qualification into a connected university program reduces study load and duration of a bachelor degree
  • Apply to your chosen university once you have completed your TAFE SA qualification